Renewal Ballot Countdown – Get Ready to Vote!!!

From 01 – 28 November this year businesses will be encouraged to vote for the continuation of the Argall BID for a further 5 years, until 31st December 2022.

The BID has come a long way in the last 5 years; we have seen a raft of improvements on the estate, which have made the Argall Industrial area a premier destination for  businesses in north east London. The opening of Lea Bridge Station, Fibre Optic coverage across the majority of the estate, a state of the art CCTV system, low vacancy rates, an amazing business community and a cleaner, safer environment in which to do business.mean that the Argall estate has gone from strength to strength. The BID Directors and BID team work hard to ensure that the Argall area remains ‘safe, smart and connected’.

This week all ratepayers should receive a hardcopy of the BID Proposal which you can also view online here. The BID Proposal explains what the BID is, rules around the levy and governance and outlines the projects that businesses would like to see the BID invest in over the coming 5 years. Next week all ratepayers will receive their ballot paper, it will be easy to see as it will come in an envelope with our logo on it. Please ensure that you use your vote –  hopefully businesses will show confidence in the BID and we will be able to secure a third term. Results of the election will be announced here on 29 November. For any further information regarding the BID or the renewal ballot contact BID Manager Juneed on: 07517 985 634 or via email:

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