What is Argall BID?

Argall BID is a Business Improvement District in Leyton, east London that covers the established commercial zone around Argall Avenue. The BID area includes Argall Avenue, Argall Way, Burwell Rd, Leaway, Rigg Approach and Staffa Rd, housing over 300 businesses across a variety of sectors. Activity is managed by The Argall BID Company that was inaugurated in 2007 – we seek to guarantee baseline services provided by the Local Authority;  improve environmental conditions and accessibility; reduce crime; enhance profitability through marketing/promotion  and remove all barriers to trade for local businesses.

We look for effective, well-structured ways of enabling local businesses to regenerate their place of work by setting their own priorities and agenda for change and improvement. We endeavour to develop innovative methods of attracting inward investment to sustain funding for vital projects.  The Argall BID was proposed by the Argall Business Park Association (ABPA) and the Rigg Approach Business Park Association (RABPA), and is supported by North London Business (NLB) and London Borough of Waltham Forest (LBWF) over a 5-year period. We have successfully secured a 2nd term of the Argall BID from 2012 to 2017.

Why does Argall need a BID?

The Argall BID area is home to a diverse range of around 300 businesses, employing many local people.  A BID delivers additional benefits for businesses within the BID area through guaranteed financial contributions.  It enables concentrated improvements in key  areas identified by businesses such as security, access, appearance and encourages investment by property owners and local service providers.  Improved working conditions aims to improve the recruitment and retention of employees and therefore the long-term economic success of local businesses.

Argall BID Always Willing to Help

The 1st term of the Argall BID delivered services and projects under 5 key priorities:

  • Signage improvement
  • Safe and secure place to do business
  • Connected businesses
  • Cleaner environment
  • Improved public transport and access

Over the past 8 years the BID area has been transformed with a vast reduction in crime, flytipping, anti-social behaviour. Improvements to the maintenance of the public realm have enhanced conditions for businesses and customers. The agenda for the next 5 years will be more dynamic with longer term infrastructure improvements that will secure Argall BID as the home of business in east London. For more information on current activity please see the Argall BID Business Plan 2012 -2017.

For additional information please contact the Argall BID Manager:-


Barnes Roffe Chartered Accountants are one of the top accountancy firms in the UK and the Argall BID are delighted that they have audited our accounts since we were incorporated. They have consistently declared that our finances are in a healthy state. This is partially because of our success in attracting external funding over the years. For detailed information please contact the Argall BID Manager on 07517 985 634 for an electronic version of the accounts.