Anti-Iraq War Campaigners to Stage Protest Over Alastair Campbell Visit

Left-wing campaigners are planning to protest during a visit by one of the architects of New Labour at a fundraising night billed as ‘curry with a spin’.

Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair’s controversial spin doctor, will attend the event on Thursday, organised by the Walthamstow Labour Party at The Asian Centre in Orford Road, as a guest speaker.

The event, starting at 7:30pm, invites Labour supporters to meet the ‘orginial spin doctor’.

Waltham Forest Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) plan to picket the event in protest at Mr Campbell’s involvement with the government’s justification for the invasion of Iraq.

TUSC’s Nancy Taffe said: “We find this invitation insulting.

“In Waltham Forest thousands of people protested on the day that the allied powers attacked Iraq.

“Walthamstow Labour always claimed to be anti-war. We can only assume that their need to get power overrides any principles that they may have on the war.”

But Walthamstow’s Labour MP Stella Creasy, who has said she would have voted against the war, welcomed Mr Campbell’s visit.