Argall BID Rear Access Scheme

One of the greatest aims over the next four years is to improve accessibility to the BID area for businesses and their employees. The Argall BID is remotely located and 90% of the businesses in the BID can only be accessed by vehicle via Argall Way/Lea Bridge Rd. Lea Bridge Rd is one of the most congested roads in the borough – particularly in “rush hours” where bus lane restrictions are enforced between 7am-10am and 4pm-7pm. Limited accessibility is a major barrier to trade – because of this we are considering a variety of schemes that will compliment the opening of Lea Bridge station in 2014/2015. These schemes include the extension of the W19 bus route to Leyton Mills, and the Argall BID Rear Access Scheme.

As the name suggests – the Argall BID Rear Access Scheme involves the opening of a vehicular route into, and out of, the rear of BID area for cars and small vans owned by BID businesses and their employees. The wider road network north of the BID area will be easily accessible, as will St James Street and Walthamstow train stations. It is proposed that the vehicular access will be strictly controlled by a permit scheme for registered participants only; a mechanically controlled barrier/bollard; ANPR CCTV and a traffic light system. The scheme involves minimal engineer work as the pedestrian/cycle route leading to South Access Road will only need minor modification.

However, the scheme is likely to involve the acquisition of public highway that can be a long and complicated process. To be implemented, the scheme will require political, community and local authority officer support. It will also actively require wide support from BID businesses/employees to build a solid business case that demonstrates minimal impact on the surrounding area, and maximum benefit for business. The Argall BID Olympic Access Scheme in 2012, which was kindly supported by the Council, proved to be extremely popular and an overwhelming success. Argall BID business/employee vehicle registration details were collected and each vehicle was issued a permit that gave access to the BID area via the Council’s depot on South Access Rd that exits onto Argall Avenue. The scheme ran throughout the Olympics and Para Olympics and was limited to cars and vans.

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