Burwell Road – Temporary Road Closure

Works to replace the 24″ electric mains between South Access Road and outside TRS in Argall Avenue have been completed but are now due to commence in Burwell Road.

Due to the close proximity to the junction of the Lea Bridge, temporary signals would not be possible without impacting Lea Bridge Road. The only viable option available is a closure of Burwell Road at the junction of Lea Bridge Road with the diversion route being via Staffa Road. This will require removal of the fire gate in Staffa Road.

Letters will be delivered to businesses and residents regarding the potential closure of Burwell Road for 4 weeks. Advanced warning signs will be set out and diversion route map will be in place. If youCompressed streetworks are a local business and have concerns please contact the Argall BID Manager on 07527 027 195 or at enquiries@argallbid.co.uk