Cycle Campaigners Quest for Borough to Become a Mini-Holland

Cycling campaigners are urging Waltham Forest Council to include proposals to reduce cars’ road space and replace a busy roundabout with a cycle-friendly T-junction in its bid to become one of Boris Johnson’s ‘mini-Hollands’. The authority announced it is drawing up a bid to become one of up to three London boroughs which could benefit from the Mayor of London’s £100 million pot to turn them into cycling havens.

Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign is being consulted on the bid which includes a range of measures that could be implemented with the funding to transform the nature of transport in the borough.In April 2012 the council passed a three-year plan to adopt a 20mph speed limit on all residential roads as well as allowing cyclists to travel both ways on one-way streets and tackling dangerous roads.

The funding offer is just one part of Mr Johnson’s plans for London over the next seven years. A ‘Crossrail for cyclists’ reaching from the western suburbs to Canary Wharf and Barking will be at the heart of the mayor’s proposals to make London the city of the bicycle, and he also plans to establish a new series of bike routes throughout London to mirror the Tube and road networks.

The ‘Crossrail’ project will be built by 2016, according to the Mayor.