HSE – SAFETY FIRST! – Fragile roofs, what you need to know!

On average, 9 people a year are killed falling through a fragile roof or roof light. Many others are seriously injured.

These accidents usually happen on the roof of factories and warehouses, while repairing, maintaining plant, installing equipment, cleaning gutters and skylights or during routine roof inspection.

Just recently, in London during November 2013, a worker was killed and another left with life-threatening injuries in separate incidents only hours apart, both falling through fragile materials.

Business owners, occupiers and clients who have contracted or plan to undertake any kind of roof work are strongly urged to review their safety arrangements for doing so. This is to stop preventable incidents by putting in place simple steps to ensure work at height is carried out safely.

The links below can help you ensure this work is carried out safely:



Keep it safe!