Keep Vans Secure & External Gates Locked at Night!

A number of incidents of theft and burglary have occurred in the BID area over the past few weeks.

A Unit on Forest Business Park on Argall Avenue had some cash stolen out of their van last Friday evening just after 8pm. The suspect is seen arriving in hoodie and checking out the cabs of many vans on the estate using a torch, despite there being people around.

A driver for the targeted unit arrived back from a job, and parked up, leaving lights on to pop in.  The opportunist thief stole the money whilst their back was turned, and then ran off.  A couple of people from the unit spotted the theft within a minute or so of it happening, but didn’t know which direction the thief ran off.

An attempted theft of a van on Sunday night at Roxwell Trading Park on Argall Avenue resulted in an employee being punched in the face by the thief whose attempt to steal the vehicle was thwarted by the employee.

Two weeks ago thieves broke into a business in Rigg Approach and made off with an undisclosed range of goods.

All incidents were captured on the Argall BID CCTV system, and footage has been given to the police officers investigating the incidents. The BID’s security consultant has visited each victim, assisted with reporting the incident and giving advice on security improvements.

The BID manager encourages landlords to ensure CCTV and lighting systems are adequate and in working order. In addition external security gates need to be robust and locked at night. The BID will work with landlords and tenants that wish to upgrade security measures at their property.