Mayor Announces New Fares For Londoners

Thousands of tube and bus passengers travelling into central London face a major hike in fares next year. The higher charges will kick in on January 2nd 2015 after the mayor axed some cut-price rates from outer London for off-peak travellers.

Some passengers who benefited from a daily cap of £8.50 off-peak – travelling outside the hours of 6.30am – 9.30am  and 4pm-7pm – will from 2015 have their daily travel capped at a new “all-day” rate of £11.70 – a 38% increase. Between zones 1-5 the rise is 28 % to £10.90, and between zones 1-4 the rise is 20 % to £9.20 a day.

Transport for London (TfL) admitted that the annual shake-up of fares often produced “winners and losers”. Around 5,000 passengers face an increase of £2-3 a day when the off-peak cap is scrapped, and a further 20,000 would be hit with a five per cent hike, according to TfL.

It insisted many others do no take enough daily journeys to be affected by the higher cap and that approximately 600,000 “winners” – commuters who will benefit from a lower peak-time cap were the focus of the mayor’s fares review announced earlier this week.