Welcome to the projects page. This area showcases some of the projects we have implemented over the past 4 years. It also has information about current and future activity based on our areas of interest:

1. Safety & Security

Safety and security for the BID area was identified as the number one priority for 85% of businesses. BIDs around the UK have enjoyed a significant reduction in crime rates as a result of being part of a BID. The concept encourages and facilitates a coordinated approach to Crime Management for the local area, resulting in an efficient and quick way to share information about imminent crime threats in the BID area. The Argall BID has its own CCTV system which currently covers 80% of all of the estates in the BID area, and is available online for registered stakeholders. We employ a dedicated mobile security officer to enhance the security coverage of the Argall BID area. We recently installed state of the art Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras at Argall Avenue and Rigg Approach. Existing ANPR cameras were re-located to capture data on vehicles leaving the area along Argall Way. We are committed to assisting all BID businesses to monitor security issues and to ensure that the environment is a safe place to do business.

2. Connectivity & Infrastructure

In a recent survey almost 70% of businesses stated that they would like to see improvements to public transport, parking, road surfaces and overall access to the BID area, all of which will encourage the recruitment and retention of staff. The area is remotely located and accessibility by public transport can be challenging.

Infrastructure developments we are actively lobbying for include: the re-opening of  Lea Bridge Station and the  extension of the W19 bus route to Leyton Mills Retail Park(which would connect the area with the Central Line tube network via Leyton station).

Further to these initiatives we are in continued negotiations with LBWF to secure the future use of the Argall Car Parks for businesses on the estate. In turn this may result in initiatives which can generate small amounts of revenue for the BID Company, such as using some of the allocated space for storage or issuing visitor parking permits for the Argall businesses.

We recently negotiated an agreement with the Council to delay observation time from 5-15 minutes (before a vehicle will be ticketed) in the BID area because of the unique status of the BID area. Optimising car parking spaces on Rigg Approach is also a part of the agreement establish with the Council.  Without the intervention of the BID Company the future many of the important long-term improvements to the area would not be realised.  

 3. Environment & Maintenance

All businesses wish to work in a clean and pleasant environment. We are dedicated to improving and maintaining the whole of the Argall BID area for the benefit of all the businesses that operate in the BID area. Where funds permit, the BID will do everything possible to support initiatives which contribute to enhancing the environment in the BID area. For the next BID term we aim to ensure that the BID area is well maintained; businesses have expressed a desire to see more anti-fly tipping signs, improved estate lighting and improvements to roads and pavements. The BID company will also look at a more cost-effective recycling solution for the BID businesses.We will endeavour to implement improvements to the general cleanliness and upkeep of the Estate — over and above those services already provided through Local Authority Service Level and Baseline Agreements

4. Business Opportunities & Marketing

There are approximately 320 businesses trading from the Argall BID area. It is the aim of the BID Company to promote good links between Estate-based businesses. The Argall BID currently supports the production of a quarterly newsletter in addition to this website and other social media forums such as Facebook and Twitter dedicated to the BID. We encourage more businesses to use the website as a means of communication, develop an on-line promotional business directory to publicise businesses and their products and services We will organise  and deliver a series of networking events that will promote the Argall business community and enhance procurement opportunities.

5.  Business Support

The BID Company aims to support the BID businesses in a variety of ways. Many of our  small businesses will have access to training, wider trading links and a collective “voice” through the established business forum. Our businesses have requested help with both advertising vacant premises, goods, services and employment opportunities. Approximately 30% of businesses were interested in receiving help with training, recruitment and marketing. For the second term of the BID the Argall BID company will proactively market BID businesses, conduct an audit on training needs and where funding allows, offer continued support through a host of applicable initiatives and funding opportunities.