Environment & Maintenance

Routine Walked Highway Inspection (public realm)

As part of the recently signed Baseline Agreement with the Council it is specified that the public highway has a walked inspection at least once a year. The BID manager will request input from businesses within the area to report highway defects (footway, carriageway, lighting and green spaces) in the public realm that require maintenance). The date of the inspection will be posted on this page when it is agreed to give businesses an opportunity to contribute.

Dorma Estate Environmental Improvement Scheme (Staffa Rd)

The BID Manager and Security Consultant have drafted a report on carrying out a series of improvements that will enhance the security, accessibility, cleanliness and appearance of the estate. The proposals will be considered for implementation when the new renewed BID 2013-2018 has established a consistency of inward investment to support identified projects in the private realm.

Burwell Rd Environmental Imp Scheme (tbc)

The BID Board of Directors recognise that as one of the boundary roads within the BID, Burwell Road was not a problematic priority that received attention during the first term of  Argall BID. In response a report has been drafted that analyses the issues brought forward by businesses and surveys the public highway to establish areas for improvement.  Commercial landlords are encouraged to contact the BID Manager if they have external schemes that bring about a collective benefit to businesses on their estate(s). The findings of the report will involve consultation with residents on Burwell Rd and Wellington Rd.

Staffa Road Permanent Barrier Scheme (tbc)

The BID has been lobbying for the permanent closure of vehicular access to Staff Road via Wellington Road in an attempt to make the BID area safer and improve the quality of life of residents in the vicinity. The Council have consulted the emergency services and have agreed the benefit of creating a permanent closure. Residents affected by the issues that are prevalent around the junction of Staff Rd/Wellington/Overton Rd are encouraged to email their concerns to the BID Manager to support the case for action.

Signage Improvement Scheme

This scheme is an on-going commitment to enhance the accessibility and legibility in and around Argall BID. We want visitors to reach their destination quickly and safely. As such we aim to modify and improve the highway directional signage and work with individuals and landlords to improve private signage/unit identity.

Cromwell Estate Boundary Treatments

The BID has supported the installation of electronically controlled security gates at Cromwell Estate. The gates have improved the overnight security of the estate and are a clear deterrent to criminals

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