Transport Infrastructure & Connectivity

This section of the website lists transport related projects that are intended to be delivered within the Argall BID 2013-2018.

Argall BID High Speed Internet Connectivity Project

The BID Company is working towards establishing high speed fibre internet connectivity to meet the demands of business in the modern work environment. As businesses increasingly utilise the digital world to carry out their day to day operations and extend their online presence, the demand on the existing “copper cable” infrastructure is causing slow upload and download speeds. The BID Co is working with a dynamic technology service provider to design and tailor a cost effective scheme for Argall BID businesses. The project intends to make use of a time limited government grant to increase internet connection speeds across the capitol.

 Argall BID Accessibility Scheme

The scheme proposes a limited re-opening of the vehicular access to the BID area via South Access Road E17. The congestion along Lea Bridge Rd (particularly before 10am and after 4pm) is notoriously bad. This has a direct impact on productivity for BID businesses and requires minimal engineering to implement. The proposal is to install a controlled entry/exit for cars and small vans at the end of South Access Road owned/driven by BID levy payers. A fob operated detractable bollard and signal system will control entry and ensure usage is limited to BID business that are registered for the scheme. The Olympic Access Scheme operated during the 2012 Olympics ran smoothly with no disruption to the surrounding area.

 Argall Avenue Car Park Acquisition

The car parks along at the junction of Argall Ave & Argall Way have been acquired by the Waltham Forest Business Board in order to protect the amenity for local business. The car parks are now ‘Pay & Display’ with a dedicated permit scheme for BID levy payers that use the facility on a regular basis. The scheme protects a local asset that will increasingly be in demand – particularly when the nearby Lea Bridge station opens in 2015.

Argall BID Sustainable Transport Project

The is a part of the ‘green’ aspirations of the Argall BID to reduce the usage of motorised vehicles within a business setting. The aim is to provide alternative methods for transporting goods and people within the BID area and beyond. The intention is to provide a service that offers zero emission vehicles and cycles that can be hired by Argall BID businesses. The scheme is underway thanks to a successful submission for the Transport for London (TfL) BIDs4BIDs fund 2012/13.

Phase 1 of the scheme has provided ‘pool cycles’ that can be hired by BID businesses for journeys within a 5 mile radius of the BID area. Phase 2 of the scheme will involve a submission in the next round of funding to provide electric vehicles For more information or to hire a cycle, please contact the BID manager on 020 8539 7351

Lea Bridge Road Station Re-Opening

The Argall BID actively campaigned to support the re-opening of Lea Bridge Station. The station will be located on Argall Way (near the junction with Lea Bridge Rd) and connect the BID area with Stratford and Tottenham Hale. The station is due to be opened in 2015. For more information about Lea Bridge station please go to:

W19 Bus Route Extension

The extension of the W19 bus route from Argall Ave to Leyton Mills will link the BID area with nearby Leyton town centre, and most importantly the Central Line Underground network. The W19 route currently ends at Argall Avenue. If it were extended along Argall Way (to Lea Bridge Rd), and along Orient Way (to Leyton Mills) it would make the relatively isolated area accessible by public transport. It will also compliment the opening of Lea Bridge Station. The BID Manager has approached TfL and Waltham Forest Council regarding the extension.



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