Marketing & Promotion

This section of the website highlights methods currently being developed to take our businesses to the world, and bring the world to our businesses. It aims to identify opportunities and to highlight the excellent range of goods and services within Argall BID.

Argall BID Website

The website aims to list every hereditament (levy paying business) within the Business Directory section. The site concentrates on activity in and around the BID area and posts information that informs the reader about things that may affect trade. If you are a BID business please contact the BID manager on 020 8539 7351 if your business is not listed within the directory.

Argall BID Newsletter

The quarterly Argall BID newsletter has been the main tool for delivering news about the BID and its businesses. Traditionally the newsletter has been hand-delivered to every accessible business. In order to reduce production costs the newsletter will be electronically distributed in the future. This will also extend the scope for widening the distribution beyond the BID to the wider business network. If you would like your business to be featured or have a pressing story contact the BID Manager on 020 8539 7351.

Social Media

The Argall BID has dedicated Facebook and Twitter accounts and increasingly delivers up to the time news on both media.

Events & Promotions

Internal Trading Business Opportunities

The BID aims to procure all required goods and services from BID businesses. It also encourages internal trading by businesses that can save costs and develop lucrative relationships by trading together. Manufacturers, distributors, freight operators, wholesalers – all have a home in Argall BID. We aim to be the “home of business” in North-East London….but we also want our business to start at home!

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