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This area of the site contains information about activity in and around the Argall BID or of general interest to businesses.


Argall BID Directors Boards Meeting 20th November 2013 (2.30pm Jaylow Supplies)

The Board meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss current issues, the structure of the BID and project updates. The Board represents the needs and wants of ALL Argall BID businesses so please contact the BID Manager if you have items you would like to be considered on the agenda by 20th November 2013.

Consultation On Road Marking and Parking Bays – Rigg Approach / Argall Avenue

The BID is currently consulting businesses on the desired layout of parking bays and the location of double yellow lines in the area. If you have a business on Rigg Approach or Argall Avenue and have not commented on plans, please contact the BId manager before 22nd November 2013

Health & Safety Executive To Carry Out Inspections In Argall BID In Sept 2013

The BID Manager is currently awaiting detailed information and will inform Argall BID businesses of inspection details in the near future.


Support for Charitable Ministry in BID area

The Fountain of Peace Ministry located at 3 Staffa Rd carry out a variety of community and charitable work as a part of their mission. They support some of the most vulnerable sections of the community members of society that often have limited support elsewhere. They rely on donations to carry out their work and would appreciate any assistance offered. If you manufacture or distribute food, clothes or other useful items, please consider them before throwing anything away. FoP can be contacted at: or on 0208 556 9295 or 07940 776339

Leader of the Council to Visit Argall BID – 15th April 2013

We are delighted that the Leader of Waltham Forest Council, Cllr Chris Robbins will visit us to tour the BID area as a part of his pro-active role in supporting the regeneration of the borough. If you would like your business to be visited as part of the tour, or have an item you want to be discussed during the visit please contact or call 0208 539 7351


Business Rates & Appeals – Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest’s ‘Your Guide to Busines Rates 2012/13 is on the Council web site. For further information about the assessmet and collection of business rates (inc. the provision of small business rate relief; rating advisors, BIDs etc) go to:

Leyton Town Centre Improvement Scoops Award

Barclays Boss Waives £1 Million (I should think so….)




Argall BID Board Meetings 2013

The Argall BID Board of Directors meet on a regular basis to discuss the progress and  programme of activity within the BID. Businesses are encouraged to participate in the process, either in person, or by contacting the Argall BID Manager 7 days before the date of each meeting to add an item to the agenda.

The meetings for 2013 are scheduled for:

Wednesday 30th January 2013 – 2.30pm @ Sleek International

Wednesday 17th April 2013 – 2.30pm @ Jaylow Supplies

Wednesday 19th June 2013 – 2.30pm @ Jaylow Supplies

Wednesday 11th September – 2,30pm @ Jaylow Supplies (changed to 2nd October)

Wednesday   6th November – 2.30pm @ Jaylow Supplies (changed to 20th November)

For more information please contact the BID Manager on 0208 539 7351 or at


Changes to PAYE,24/paye.aspx?articleid=115222&mode=open#115222


Business Rate Re-evaluation Postponed By Government Until 2017


Leyton Industrial Village

Leyton Industrial Village (LIV) is one of the established individual trading estates that collectively make up the Argall BID. Situated at the western end of Argall Avenue, LIV houses approximately 85 small and medium-sized business units with around 90% of the units currently being let. The existing units that are empty have been vacated due to the current redevelopment of the site.

The much-anticipated redevelopment comprises 20 new units (16 units will be demolished and rebuilt and 4 new larger “new builds”) that will occupy the current car park space in the centre of the site. Units will range between 835 and 2545 sq. ft. in size to meet the overwhelming local demand for small to medium-sized units. Workspace Group who own the site started the development in September 2012 and expect building works to take six months. Jonathon Dedekind site manager for workspace is confident that the demand for the new units will bring a vibrancy back to restore LIV to its former glory