“Yes” for the Argall BID 2012 -2017

We are delighted to report that local businesses have voted “Yes” for a second term of the area having the status as a Business Improvement District. The Argall BID Co will continue to work on behalf of businesses to implement projects that  deliver improvements that remove  barriers to trade – making Argall a 1st class “place for business”.

The BID Team in partnership with North London Business delivered a Renewal Campaign that culminated in a ballot period from 23rd April to 25th May 2012. Supporting businesses secured a mandate that exceeded expectation with a turn-out of 34%, a 93% “Yes” vote, and 90% of the total combined rateable value.

Thank you to those that participated in the process to ensure future investment in the area. To find out more about projects that will be implemented as a part of the business plan over the next 5 years please contact The Argall BID Manager on 0208 539 7351 or at enquiries@argallbid.co.uk